With our expertise and experince in winding techonology, the possibilities are limitless. That is the reason why we chose to team up with Propulse NTNU and become involved in rocket science. We have a strong passion for innovation and creation, and we are always interested when opportunities for exciting collaborations arise. Propulse NTNU is a student rocketry team that besides full time engineering studies, develops rockets to get experience in engineering, manufacturing and team work. Working in groups, they develop their own hybrid motor and a flight simulator. They also participate in student rocketry competitions. So far, we have assisted the student team Prolupse NTNU in the development of two rockets named Stetind and Birkeland.

In 2021 Propulse NTNU won the 30K COTS class and came in 2nd overall in the Spaceport America Cup. This is quite an achievement only 3 years after starting the organization. This years competition was held digitally due to Covid-19. In October, the team will also participate in the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) in Portugal, where the rocket will be launched.

Why is it advantageous to use filament winding to produce a rocket fuselage?

Filament winding is suitable for use in rocket hulls because the production technique ensures that the fiber is attached very precisely with continuous fiber around the entire rocket fuselage. In addition, the composite is stiff and has an exceptionally low weight which maximizes the weight of the payload the rocket can carry.
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During the development of the rockets, we have contributed with material, production and input for a functional design of the rocket fuselage. The winding and machining of the fuselage was done at Windtec with hands on involvement from Propulse NTNU members. For Windtec, it is always rewarding to work with young students on their exciting projects. Our participation in projects like this ensures that we stay up-to-date on technology and new production possibilities. This gives us new insights and inspiration. It is also important for us to increase the knowledge and awareness about composite materials.

The next rocket project with Propulse NTNU is already on the way and the rocket will be launched in 2023. Read more about the project here. We will also provide updates from this project, stay tuned!

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